Website Design Proposal

It is a documentation file in which all the information related to work or project is mentioned in the proper format. It helps to sell your work to the client or user. In this document, you have to mention what you can do for the client and the cost of the project in a professional way. 

Now it is very important to know how to make a website design proposal?

There are two ways of sending a proposal

1. Directly to the client

2. On Freelancing sites

It also depends on whether you are an individual person or you are sending a proposal on behalf of the company as a Business development executive or web designer. 

A. Directly to the clients

If you want to send a proposal directly to the client it is necessary the proposal is in PPT or DOC format. There are many default templates available on the net. You can select as per your requirement or create the document as per your ideas.

First thing – the website design proposal should be proper and explain all the points which can be easily understood by the clients. After reading this proposal, the client should understand what things you can do. 

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Ask a few questions before creating the proposal

• Budget expectations

• Submission Date and so on

3. Discuss the project with the client and understand their need first.

4. Make the Proposal

The website design proposal can be divided into several sections. The sections are explained below:

1. Introduction

The introduction page is also known as a cover page. On this page write the project name. Write two to three lines related to the project. Also, mention the brand name and logo.

2. Confidential Statement

As we all know the services and features are different for different projects. You can provide case studies to the client and ask the client to not share these case studies with other people.

3. Problem Overview

This section explains all the problems and writes all the information that can be easily understood. If the clients’ requirements are not expectable then explain them.

4. Solution Overview

After mentioning the problem overview, it’s time to describe the solution for it.

5. Process

Explain the process of creating the website and design of the website. Also, explain the features and steps of creating the website design.

6. Reference

In this section put the examples of your project that are related to the client project. So that the client will understand your working way.

7. Cost

Mention the cost for making this website. 

8. Company Information  

On the last page write a brief description of the company and its services.

B. On Freelancing sites

If you want to send a proposal to the freelancing website then there is no need to send the proposal in the pdf, PPT or DOC format. You can write in short and send the proposal.

Some important point that you should write in the proposal:

1. Introduce yourself

2. Understand the client’s project and requirements.

3. Ask some questions to the clients related to the budget, time period, and many more. 

4. Provide a reference to your work. 

Write a catchy sentence like this – I am waiting for your positive response. 

Now you know how to send a website design proposal! Then make your key-list and start sending them proposals.