Web Design vs. Web Development

Web Design

Web Designers are those who transform an idea, or their views into a visual image or visually appealing design and use different layout to build the website more attractive. It makes your website look good and beautiful. They focus on page layout designs using software like Photoshop. They also use a little bit of coding in CSS, HTML to create their designs.

Web Development

A web developer is a software programmer expert. They build websites using different coding languages. Developers use their programming skills to make fast and advanced websites.

Roles of Web Designers

There are specific roles of web designers given below

1. User Experience Designer

The main job of this designer is to keep your visitors engaged. Those people who love the design and the look of the website they revisit your website so many times. This type of work can be done by the User Experience Designer. 

2. User Interface Designer

They work on the look and feel of the actual website. The main work of the user designer is to create the design of the website.

3. Visual Designer

It is the combination of User Experience designer and User Interface designer. It does not only improve the designs but also solves the design issues. 

Roles of Web Developers

1. Back-End Developer

Back-end developers designed the core structure of the website. Those developers are strong in programming languages like C#, java, and many more. The back-end word is not seen by the user because it is a full technical work and it is only understood by the software experts.

2. Front-End Developer

Front-End Development is also known as Client-side development. It is similar to Web Design. The Front-End developers use the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating things the user can see like web content, contact form, and many more.

3. Full-Stack Developer

The full-stack developer works on both front-end and back-end developers. 

Web design and web development are incomplete without each other. Similar yet Different!