Top 5 Web Design Tools

It is a misconception – web design tools are only used by software people. Even you can use it by yourself. These tools are used to make a pleasing and attractive website. It is a collection of different things in one place that does not require much coding. 

The top 5 web design tools are given below:

1. Dreamweaver

It is web designing as well as a web development tool. It has developed into a strong tool within the web development and web designing industry. Dreamweaver provides the user or programmer a very smooth knowledge where you can easily design and develop the website from start to end. 

2. Muse

If you love using Photoshop then you are stronger in the designing section that is the front end as compared to the coding section which is known as back end. If you are strong in designing then you will definitely love the Muse tool. 

3. Macaw

Macaw is similar to the muse. Those people who love web design and can’t code then this is the perfect tool for them. With the help of Macaw, you can design or create your own website without any coding knowledge. As compared to the Muse, Macaw is easy to use and you can design the website effortlessly.

4. Sketch

It is one of the best web design tools on the market. The team who work behind sketch have been making constant improvement to the website since 2009. It is used for web designing as well as coding. It is a beast of a tool for website designing and it is beneficial for web designers. This tool is very simplistic. In Sketch, one can also export their design into a clickable prototype.

5. Photoshop

It is a well-known and most usable tool for web designers. It becomes convenient for artistic web designers. It is a very powerful tool that helps to create the best web design. It is used by professional web designers. It is quite difficult for those who are beginners in web designing.